Welcome to the internal homepage of the Seeley Lab. 

Lab Meeting

Room Reservations can be made via the UMICH Google Calendar. Click Here for Instructions


Go to

Click 'Create'

Name your event 

Set the times you want to reserve.

At the top right of the event creation page, click 'Rooms'

Type 'SS-Bldg26-248S-CellCultureRoom' (or other SS-BldgXX rooms)

As an option, invite others that will be using the room with you

Save your event.

Optional: Add the room calendar to your UMICH Google Calendar Site. Type 'SS-Bldg26-248S-CellCultureRoom' into the Other Calendars section on the bottom right of your main calendar page. You should be able to toggle visualizing the current calendar events.

A2-A8 room availability